Massages and Sound healing

We offer Massages and sound healing for All Conditions and Needs.

body massage

body massage with Singing bowl

Singing bowl sound healing

Ayurveda Oil Massage +Sound Therapy

  • Relaxation Massage


    Full body + head massage 60mins

  • Destress Massage


    Back + Head Massage 30mins

  • Body & Soul Relaxation Massage


    Back massage 30mins + Singing bowl therapy 15mins

  • Deep Mental Relaxation


    Singing Bowl Sound Healing 30mins

We Deeply Care About Your Experience

We source our natural herbs and oils to enhance the health benefits of massages to your metabolic system and skin. 

We provide a relaxing experience on both physical and mental levels.

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  • Our Massage Room

  • Our Massage Room
  • Singing Bowl Relaxation

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